mission statement

Headsup has a steadfast commitment to generating awareness pertaining to concussions and the lingering symptomatic stresses that ensue in an individual’s recovery. Recovering from concussions are unique to each individual, with symptoms often being benevolent. A disconnect exists between the public, those suffering from head trauma and corresponding side-effects that hinder mental health and overall quality of life. The latency period of concussions is too circumstantial to the extent of injury, the transgressional past and lifestyle of the individual implicated. Often, those suffering do so silently.

This silent suffering plagues thousands of Canadians nationwide, with no discrimination toward age and gender. Generating awareness and creating a community of shared experiences can juxtapose stigmas surrounding concussions, the mental health complications that accompany them, and ultimately, eradicate inaccuracies of the public’s perception. At HeadsUp we believe in challenging these stigmas, creating a culture of informativity, resilience and ultimately unification amongst those who have and continue to be impacted by their concussions. Help us actualize our mission of challenging the stigmatizations around concussions and mental health to create a healthier, holistic culture around brain trauma and post-concussive life for those who have not had a voice for so long. If you want to go far you must do so together. We would be humbled to share your story and accompany us on our quest toward challenging the stigma.

Brand ambassador programs

The Brand Ambassador program is one of many strategies to spread accurate information pertaining to concussions and recovery across Canada. The inter-collegiate platform provides an opportunity to extend factual information to astute minds and further mobilize HeadsUp’s commitment to challenging the stigmatization surrounding concussions. Our brand ambassadors are extensions of our mission, and champions of our cause. Incepted at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario, HeadsUp brand ambassadors now emerge on the campuses of Wilfried Laurier (Waterloo, Ontario), St Francis Xavier (Antigonish, Nova Scotia) and Trent University (Peterborough, Ontario). Contact us today if you would like to join us in challenging the stigma.

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