Youtube channel 

We launched our YouTube Channel HeadsupCAN.TV as an outlet to share people’s stories with concussions. Each person receives and experiences a concussion differently. Our hope is that when people watch this videos they will understand how severe this injury is and take the matter more seriously.

I just wasn’t myself for 3 months and everyone close to me knew it, but nobody knew what to do about it
— Claire
I thought I could push through it all and ignore it, but then it ended up taking me longer to recover
— Ryann
It wasn’t something that I could recover from and battle through like a sprain finger
— David
Apparently I went down on one knee and called the trainer, but I don’t remember anything...and then I woke up at the hospital in a CT scan
— Taylour
I had to wear sunglasses because of the lighting in school
— Neelima
I had a couple days where I felt really good and would start doing physical activity, but then right away it would be like starting back at square one
— Jacob