Youtube channel 

We launched our YouTube Channel HeadsupCAN.TV as an outlet to share people’s stories with concussions. Each person receives and experiences a concussion differently. Our hope is that when people watch these videos they will understand how severe this injury is and take the matter more seriously.

Concussion testimonies 

Headsup wants to hear your about your experience with concussions! Whether it was minor, or severe, we want to hear about how you dealt with having a brain  injury or helped someone suffering from one. Each week we will have a brief exclusive on our social media of our "Athlete of the Week", and at the end of the month we will post the full version of our videos online. The objective is to create an interactive platform where athletes will be able to talk with one another to help answer any questions people suffering from concussions may have. 

Feel free to email us at if you want to share your story or select the Contact Us tab to fill in in your information and story on the site. We encourage you to join the Headsup Team today and help spread the awareness!

I just wasn’t myself for 3 months and everyone close to me knew it, but nobody knew what to do about it
— Claire
I thought I could push through it all and ignore it, but then it ended up taking me longer to recover
— Ryann
It wasn’t something that I could recover from and battle through like a sprain finger
— David
Apparently I went down on one knee and called the trainer, but I don’t remember anything...and then I woke up at the hospital in a CT scan
— Taylour
I had to wear sunglasses because of the lighting in school
— Neelima
I had a couple days where I felt really good and would start doing physical activity, but then right away it would be like starting back at square one
— Jacob